Ice cream is one of my favorite foods. So when I saw that Fiorgelato is already open, I'm eager to try their ice creams. And because eating alone is boring so I patiently waited for Rina.

Sadly, the place wasn't spacious. These two small tables were the only tables inside intended for the costumers.
Some of their ice cream flavors. 
They also offer other dishes/ foods aside from ice cream.
Our 5 flavors ice cream! They are so cute so we have to take pictures first before eating them, haha.
My 5 flavors ice cream flavors: Tiramisu, White Choco Crunch, Ube, Choco, and Strawberry. I don't eat Strawberry flavored ice cream but I ordered just to make my ice cream look a little bit colorful. :)
This was Rina's: Bubblegum, Mango Graham, Buko Sherbet, Strawberry and ... I forgot the other one. :))
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After indulging ourselves with sweets, Rina texted me that she's already experiencing difficulty of swallowing (an impending tonsilitis perhaps). And I think I'm having colds. :O


  1. Just drink plenty of water right after indulging plenty of sweets. Haha. I also love ice creams! My favorite would be rocky road and double dutch flavors :) This one makes me drool over and over again. *.*

    xo, Mimi

  2. Omg! I hate you haha making me all hungry here since I want some ice cream right now and I like the flavors what you had hehe especially Ube -another what I like includes green tea and black sesame ( ~'ω')~

    1. I never tried green tea and black sesame.. I'll find an ice cream parlor that sells those flavors :3

  3. Looks yummy!!
    I like eating alone btw, I mean, I don't mind hahah:p


  4. Wow. Fiorgelato is superb <3
    All snacks look delicious

    Happy Blogging! God Bless!
    Mac Valdez | Estudyante Travels