Moonleaf Tea Shop

New food establishments are growing little by little here in La Union especially milk tea shops. Me and Rina dropped by at Moonleaf to catch up with each other. It's a cozy place perfect for chilling with good friends.

White and green is a cute color combination, don't you think? There are also cute cactus and magazines on each table.
Good vibes in a cup :)
I ordered Chocolate Milk Tea while Rina chose Yogurt Milk Tea. Both tastes good nonetheless :3
We now made a pact to visit new cafes or resto's whenever our schedule permits. And maybe it'll be my new blog series too. Any suggestions?


  1. Unfortunately I am located all the way from the States, otherwise I would love to give you suggestions for various cafes since I know a lot. :D Plus I love milk tea... Mmmm!


    1. Haha, that's too far. But you can blog and take lots of photos of those cafes and share it with me :))

  2. This place looks so cozy and minimal. I love all kinds of tea. I wish I could visit, haha!

  3. That place is so cool!!


  4. One of my favorite milk tea shops back when I was still studying! <3