Bahay Na Bato + Surf Shack

My daily routine is always boring. It involves only two places- hospital and our house. So when my cousin invited me to have a joyride and trip to Luna, I said yes immediately. We went to see the popular Bahay na Bato in Luna just after my morning shift duty.

Luna is a place known for having abundant supply of stones. There's also a sea that has lots of stones in the seashore. The whole surroundings of the house is full of stones too!
Other pictures were accidentally deleted from my phone :( 
A sundial made of stone
Mother duck and her ducklings

Before going home, we dropped by at Surf Shack in San Juan to eat some pizzas and nachos. We ordered two pizzas but I like this more. It's full of lettuce and cheese!
Cheeseburger Pizza


  1. Bahay na Bato looks like a great place to go to! :) Makes me wanna go back to LU!


  2. This place looks so cute! I love the little duck figurines <3

    1. I hope I can go back and take pics of those other cute animal figurines.

  3. Tacos <3

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