When Sickness Strikes

For the past few days, I've been suffering cramps (both in my hands and feet). Sometimes I can barely hold my patients' hand for iv insertion. And last night while I'm on duty, I'm having tachycardia. So I went to the laboratory and let my serum electrolytes be checked. And tada~ I'm suffering from hypokalemia.
Hypokalemia refers to a low level of potassium in the bloodstream. Maintaining a normal level of potassium is important for the heart function and muscular contraction. There are some causes of hypokalemia but in my case, it's the inadequacy of potassium in my diet.

So they gave me an intravenous fluid mixed with potassium chloride and consumed it for my whole 8 hour duty. And while typing this entry, my vein still hurt from the medicine they gave me (haha) But it helped a lot. No more muscle cramps.

Here are some food sources that contains potassium:
- Bananas
- Avocados
- Leafy, green vegetables
- Citrus fruits
- Nuts, like almonds and peanuts
- Milk
- Potatoes
Stay healthy everyone!


  1. I hope you're doing ok now :( I think I have to eat foods that contain potassium. We have history of this in our family, and I'm getting paranoid because I have this uncomfortable feeling in my left arm. Thanks for this.

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart
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  2. I hope you're feeling better now. *hugs* :)

  3. It really amazes me when I stumble upon fellow nurses in the blogging community... or maybe I was not browsing and visiting blogs that much. Anyway, glad to hear you're okay now! Sometimes we tend to forget about our own health because we're so engrossed with work :(

  4. I hope you're doing much better now! Sending you virtual hugs from Manila. :D


  5. It's very easy to get sick nowadays kaya we really need to take extra care of our health. Especially that we have full time jobs. I hope you're doing well now Diane! :)

    xx, Janine | A Blissful Blog