I actually decided to stop blogging because I've been very busy. But it seems like I miss it and I've got nothing to do here.. So I decided to open again my blog and revamp it. 
So where do I start? I'm currently living in Khamis Mushayt for 3 months now. It's in the southern region of KSA and it's one of those few places in Saudi where the climate is cold. Saudi Arabia is not one of my dream country to work to but I think it would be good enough as a stepping stone in achieving for my bigger dreams in the future. And also going here is easier than in other countries.
So far, it's good...
I got to learn a lot of things and be more independent, strong and brave. There are many adjustments I did especially that I'm an only child. I'm used to having my parents on my side always hahaha! I know my parents are proud of me now that I grow more :)
I'm also grateful for the new friends I have here. Being the introvert person that I am, I'm surprised and happy I got new friends. Because of them, surviving in a foreign place is a lot easier 😃

So here's to new beginning and more adult-ing stuff!

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