Joyride to Abha

The City of Abha is known for its cold climate and its tourist spots. It's like Baguio City of the Philippines. The road from Jizan to Abha is also similar like that of Kenon Road which has zigzags. Luckily its just a few miles away from Khamis Mushayt, where we currently live.

Ate Vilma and her husband fetched us. We went to their house first because its still hot to travel outside. We ate delicious roasted chicken and sinigang na baka cooked by ate Vilma.

So while waiting, we kill time by taking pictures. We are currently loving this app called SNOW. It's like snapchat but with more cute filters.

At around 4pm, we're on the road again. And reach a certain park in Abha at around 5. We were supposed to go Al Souda so we can try cable cars and see more of Abha because its higher there but its quite late already.

We just had picnic instead and ate chicken and chocolate cake while looking at the very bright Green Mountain.

And since we can't go to Green Mountain anymore, we just took picture with it as our background :)

Then we went home. It was a short but a happy trip. And I think we spent more time in the car than in Abha, hahaha.

Bye Green Mountain, we'll go there soon :)


  1. Hi Diane, can I ask where do you live/work now? Are you in Dubai/UAE?

    Auradelle // Parapixelife

  2. You should post more travel stuff. I’m planning to go to the Philippines & would love some great non-touristy places to visit!

    Thanks for sharing!