Review: Schwarzkopf Palette Attractive Aubergine

Detailed Description: 1. Washes out. 2. Lasts up to 28 washes. 3. Permanent. This package contains: 1 tube with colorant creme 50ml. 1 application bottle with developer emulsion 50ml (1:1). 1 sachet with rich after-treatment 15ml. 1 pair of gloves. 1 instruction leaflet. Palette's no. 1 oil coloration. Enjoy palette deluxe with 7-oils serum - permanent coloration with rich oils embedded in an intensive & nourishing color creme formula. For stunning oil cared colors with up to 30% more care and gorgeous color richness that stays visibly rich and intense for long and hair full of shimmering shine vs. untreated hair. The rich after-treatment with 7-oils serum contains over a million oil droplets, is specially developed to maximize care effect and leaves the hair beautifully soft, easy to detangle and supple to touch. A better cared hair helps to give intensive color results and glowing shine. Caring formula of palette deluxe with highly effective color pigments for perfect grey coverage.Palette - your best choice in color! 

I always wanted to try having a violet hair but violet hair dyes are usually not available in the Philippines and if there's any, chances are they're quite expensive. Thanks to Jasmine she gifted me 1 box of Schwarzkopf  Palette in Attractive Aubergine and decided to make a reverse ombre since my current hair color is blonde. Sadly I wasn't able to take at least one picture of my ombre hair. It turned out quite good but the violet isn't that visible so the next day, we went to the store and I bought 2 boxes of it and dyed my whole hair instead.


What I like the most is that it doesn't have strong ammonia smell and I can easily buy it here but sadly it faded easily. My violet hair only stayed for 2 weeks even if I used shampoo for colored hair. Now it has brown- reddish color so I'm thinking of sporting a red hair soon. 

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