Happy 1st Anniversary!

1 year fly by so swiftly! I can still remember how ambivalent my feeling was when I first came here. I don't know how to do household chores, I don't know how to speak and definitely cannot understand Arabic, I don't know anyone except my other 2 companions, I don't know whether I can survive 2 years or not, and a lot more of "I don't know's".

But I was able to make it! Congratulations self! I didn't know I'd become more independent, stronger and braver when I went here. And of course, I learn more and grew more as a nurse.

I celebrated with Jasmine, we ate broasted chicken and ice cream, watched K-movies and had a sleep over :D

I can't wait for another 1 more year to pass so that I can finally go home and be with my family. Then hopefully go work again somewhere else...

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